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Member Benefits

We are always looking for more ways to give back to our members. Both the Local union and the National office have a number of benefits available to our members, which are outlined below!

Member Life Event Gifts


In 2024, our members approved a pilot "Life Event" program, in which we give gifts to our members or their families when they experience the following life events:

1. Birth or adoption of a child

2. Paramedic Upgrade

3. Hospitalization

3. Retirement

4. Death (while active duty)

If you, or another member has experienced one of these life events please fill out this form to let us know!

UnionPlus Discounts 

Through our affiliation with SEIU, we have access to Union Plus, which offers tons of discounted rates on tickets, travel, insurance and more. They also have fantastic "hardship assistance" programs for union workers, including a number of grants for members after natural disasters, during strikes, after a furlough or layoff, when hospitalized and more. They also offer hospital bill negotiating services and disability benefits!

You can follow this link to create an account and start accessing these benefits! Please affiliate with SEIU Local 5000 when creating your account.

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Studying in Library

Every year, NAGE has two lottery scholarships for members in good standing and their immediate family members who are enrolled in a two- or four-year college, graduate school, trade or technical school. The applications are due in May, and can be accessed following this link.

1. NAGE Scholarship - 100 members in good standing are chosen at random for a $500 scholarship annually

2. Leadership Scholarship - Similar to the NAGE scholarship, but open only to elected leaders and stewards of the union

Additional scholarships are available through our UnionPlus Benefits, as well (see above).

Financial Planning

Beginning in 2023, Local 20 has had a dedicated financial planner who has helped our members manage their 401(k) accounts, make investments and make other important financial decisions. 

Jason Murtagh is a financial representative from NY Life, but is also an active duty Police Officer in our response area. He is incredibly dedicated to helping our members thrive financially. 

To make a one-on-one meeting with Jason, follow this link!

Business Meeting

After Action Mental Health and Substance Misuse Treatment

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In 2023, we partnered with AM Healthcare, to provide free-of-cost (insurance covered) highly effective treatment options for our union members. The facilities are clean, beautiful and welcoming, situated in the mountains of southern California. Travel costs are covered as a part of enrollment.


This organization offers first-responder specific programs, which include a "two week tune up" and "thirty day reset" for first responders who need to recoup from traumatic incidents. Local 20 members experiencing mental health struggles that require more intensive intervention (ex: PTSD, anxiety disorder, severe depression, substance abuse disorder, etc.) or who need to reset after a traumatic incident, have access to these services. Find out more information here.


The Local 20 President will personally and confidentially assist you through the steps, and work with both the AM Healthcare and Empress HR teams to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it, with your privacy protected every step of the way. Please email to start the process.

Tuition Discounts

NAGE has a partnership with Quincy College in Massachusetts. Our members and their immediate family members (spouses, children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews) can access a $300 discount per course. Quincy College offers both online and in-person courses, depending on the needs of you or your family, and has flexible year-round schedules. This is a really fantastic benefit for those who are looking to work on a degree or for those who have family members who are! For more information on the program they have available for our members follow this link.


Peer Support Team


Local 20 has an active peer support team in place to help you through your every day needs as a pre-hospital healthcare provider. Dozens of our active-duty members have been trained in group and individual critical incident stress management, and are available to talk you through your most recent traumatic incident, your chronic stress or your burn out. 

Find out more information here!

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