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What we do for you...

As a union member, you have a lot more protection and rights than if you were an at-will employee. You/we get to have a say in how you are treated, how you are paid, and how your day-to-day operates. You cannot be terminated without cause, and if you (and we) disagree with how you are treated at any time, we have legal and institutional recourse. And of course, you will have the board and stewards fighting for you and having your back every step of the way! 


Where your dues go:

  • Annual EMS Week gifts

  • Representation during disciplinary meetings

  • National support and legal support

  • Negotiators and arbitration fees

  • Mental health and Wellness resources

  • Fundraising when members need assistance

  • Food at meetings and events

  • And more!

Emergency Vehicles


You have the right to request union representation. If you feel a conversation with management could lead to discipline follow these steps:

  1. Invoke your Weingarten Rights. State you would like to continue this conversation when you have a union representative present. 

  2. Contact a board member or steward and fill out the representation request form.

  3. Contact management within 3 business days to schedule a meeting with your representation present.

If management provides you with a write up, do not simply refuse to sign. Request representation and follow the steps listed above.

Rescuing a Patient


Every 3-5 years, the union and management bargain over our agreement with one another,
which we call a “collective bargaining agreement” or CBA. You may also hear this referred to as the “union contract.”  We bargain over everything in the CBA including
how we get cleared for shifts, what benefits we get, the rules of holdovers, how seniority works, wages and raises, permanent shift bids, how disciplines are handled, and so, so much more.  A bargaining committee was formed to negotiate our current CBA. The committee included board members, stewards, and other members. Though we didn’t achieve all of our goals in our negotiations, it was overwhelmingly a positive outcome, with most of our past concerns addressed in some way. Our CBA has been evolving since the local's founding more than 30 years ago, and is still evolving in real time as we adapt to the times we are in.

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